MWS - Hawaii - Cover Art


I’ve been trying to conjure up the right words to share with y’all about my experience in Hawaii. It is hard to do. A part of me wants to give you some background on the beautiful islands, to help you appreciate this place – but you can find that information all over the internet. I want to tell you about each day and the places we went, the food we ate and the drinks we drank. I want to share about the conversations we had and how our two families bonded together. I want to express my full gratitude to the people who made this trip happen because Lord knows I wouldn’t have made it happen myself. Thank you Rachel, Roxanne, Mom, Dad, and Jeff for everything! I am full of gratitude as I think back on our trip. We laughed and cried and swam with turtles. We jumped off rocks into the ocean and cracked skulls in the pool. We read books and drank fine wine, and we unwound from the intense world that we left behind in the mainland. It was truly unforgettable.

I guess what I really want to convey is that in Hawaii there is a feeling. It’s something that we all felt, more or less. The natives call it Mana. Mana is a life energy that flows through all things. It’s true – this feeling is intoxicating and it sticks with you after you leave the islands. So when I reminisce on our time there I close my eyes and feel the Mana. I am reminded of the warm winds, the constant ocean, and the color green. I hear the music of the island, I taste the fresh exotic fruit, and feel the soft sand on my feet. I remember feeding the finch’s with bread and watching them flock to us from all over, gathering around in a frenzy for their daily breakfast. I feel a calmness. My breathing slows down as I remember the push and pull of the tides, and the fire from the tiki torches that lights up the nights sky. An extravagant sunset fills the backs of my eyelids as I visualize the sun, reflecting off of the ocean as it projects it’s many colors into the sky.  My heart is warmed as I recall the peaceful Mana in the atmosphere. A feeling of calmness, of being grounded. That’s what Hawaii means to me.

I tried to balance my time and energy there in the best way. During the day I was present, hanging with the family and spending time together. At night and in the early mornings I had a bit more time to myself where I could work on getting some sounds and video content. If you look at my last post there is a really cool sunset timelapse that I took on our last night in Maui. Check it out if you haven’t already! The sounds I recorded are special to me because they bring me back to that feeling. As I listen to them, all of the beautiful imagery comes rushing back to me and I find myself in that peaceful place again. That’s why I love recording these sounds!! It’s the best way to reconnect with past feelings and memories. I know most of you weren’t there, but hopefully you can find your own meaning behind the sounds. My ultimate hope is for you to connect.

Much love, thank you for tuning in!


Here’s what I heard…

Oahu – Jungle Ambiance AM

Kaanapali – Ocean AM

Maui – Bull Frogs PM


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