Manhattan, NYC

In the rainy streets of Manhattan, I dreamt of something that would capture the essence of New York City better than cars and street noise. I dreamt of jazz.

After a long and nearly dreadful day of work, only one thing could ease my troubled mind. I rushed out of my hotel room towards my destination, slipping on the wet pavement outside.

I arrived at Swing 46 with minutes to go. When I took my seat, the waiter asked me what I’d like to drink.

“Manhattan. Bourbon.” I responded. Of course! I pulled out my recorder and the music began.

Swing 46 – Set 1

(feat. Stan Rubin Orchestra)

Waking Up In The City That Never Sleeps

Swing 46 – Set 2

(feat. Stan Rubin Orchestra & Lynn McCule)

A Walk Down 7th

Swing 46 – Set 3

(feat. Stan Rubin Orchestra)

Sax In Central Park

Swing 46 – Set 4

(feat. Stan Rubin Orchestra & Joe Politi)

Time Square

Swing 46 – Set 5

(feat. Stan Rubin Orchestra & Joe Politi)

Drums In Central Park

Swing 46 – Set 6

(feat. Stan Rubin Orchestra)


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