Hello Friends,

My name is Mitch. Welcome to my world of sounds!

I created this site because I’m obsessed with the way that the world sounds. Since I was a little boy, my life has been consumed with sounds. Growing up with Tourette Syndrome I was even know as the kid who makes weird sounds. It’s a daily struggle for me to just “BE QUIET”, as many of my teachers told me in school. To cope with the relentless sounds coming from inside of me, I’ve learned to silence myself by shifting my focus to the world of sounds around me.

My goal with Mitch’s World of Sounds is to share part of my life with you so that you can be inspired to listen and appreciate the beauty in life through sound. My hope is that you can connect to the experiences I am sharing with you, and explore places you have never been before. What excites me most about this is at any given time, a moment can be captured and held forever. My recordings are like time capsules, which can be opened and listened to anytime, anywhere. And I love that I can share these intimate moments with you. It’s my biggest passion, and I see myself carrying on like this for the rest of my life. Traveling. Listening. Recording. Sharing.

Since I started Mitch’s World of Sounds about one year ago, I have been expanding on the concept and learning more about what this platform means to me. I’ve implemented writing, graphic design, video, music and photography into my posts to attach more meaning to the experiences. I have grandiose dreams about where Mitch’s World of Sounds could take me, and what life experiences this could lead me to. I foresee albums, articles, and movies to be made. So if you’re tuning in now, you’re here at the beginning. The seed has been planted and it’s being watered. Now watch it grow!

Thank you 100x for tuning in and listening. Your support means the world to me. Please don’t hesitate to reach out. I hope you enjoy!

Much Love,

Mitch Solo

“Tune in, and tune out.”


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