Flight 6714

Flight 6714

I arrive at my gate early and grab a seat by the window. I’ve got my recorder with me so I set it up and get levels. I start to listen and everything else fades away…

Since I moved out to Colorado, I have been more or less without my family, so the chance to go home and be with them for the holidays is a breathe of fresh air. My brother Adam will be coming out from Florida the following day, and Kyle from San Francisco. We are to all be together at my parents house for Christmas – just like old times. I am very much looking forward to it.

As I sit here at my gate, waiting for my flight to board, I look around at all of the faces. I wonder where each person is headed. I wonder who awaits them, and what traditions they have, and how they will be greeted by their friends and family. I see a great mix of emotions in the faces of my fellow travelers. For most, the holiday is a time for joy, for family, and giving thanks. For some, it can be a time of great sadness, regret and envy.

When I close my eyes I hear a sea of sounds. A busy season it is indeed! As people get ready to settle into their flights, I’m reminded that I’m blessed to be going home, where my brothers and parents await my arrival. I am so grateful, that for me, this Christmas will be one full of joy and laughter. I know that I’m blessed beyond measure, and I say a prayer for those who don’t feel this way. My prayer is a simple one: for everyone to know this joy in their hearts, at least for a fleeting moment, if not for long at all.

“Flight 6714 to Oakland, now boarding.” Looks like I’m off. Merry Christmas to you all, I hope it’s a special one.

Much Love,



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