Sounds Of Cherry Creek

MWS - Sounds of The River - Under The Bridge 2

Cherry Creek – Downstream

A perfect 75 degrees, sunny with light breeze. My recorder is stationed to the right of me, on a stand, inches from the river. The microphones are pointed down facing the rocks below, where the water is smoothing over the slick rocks. Bikers pedal passed me on my left. Here. Then gone. As is the water on my right. An interesting man strolls forward from ahead. A curious lookin’ fella. Then, he too is out of sight, out of mind. It feels revitalizing to my soul to be spending time listening again. What a blessing…

Cherry Creek – Bike Path

Spokes. Gears. Tires gripping the pathway, propelling people forward. Footsteps. Concrete. Slapping heavily to the rhythm of each breath. Little to no words. Just exercise. And then there’s that constant hum from the river that fills the silence. A few folks go un-noticed by the ear, passing along on the bridge above. But the eye sees them. It watches as they stop and marvel at the beauty of it all. Just as I am…


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