Katie – Bob Rabbit

Katie EP Photo

Katie by Bob Rabbit

“Music from Bob about a beautiful girl, and growing up.”

Right before my move to Denver, I was experiencing some pretty intense dreams. I had two in particular that caught my attention; one more vivid than the next. The synopsis of the dream was this…

The world was in a state of destruction and chaos. Above in the sky were giant planes dropping bombs. In the distance there were pillars of smoke, and fire lit up the night sky. On the ground, frantic people ran for their lives, terrified as they tried to find shelter. It was the end surely. However, Bob and I seemed to be unaffected. We sat on a stone ledge near the beach cultivating our music. I was playing piano, Bob was playing guitar and we were both singing. We were locked in tight to a groove that stuck with me even after I woke up. The song was beautiful. We were happy. In fact, we were at peace. In that very moment, nothing else mattered. The fire, smoke, death, and destruction. None of it mattered. The music carried us through, and we found light in a dark place.

I believe now that there is a significant correlation between Katie and what happened in my dream. Coincidence? I don’t really believe in that sort of thing…

Upon waking I sent Bob a text message saying, “Hey, I’m not sure what this means yet, but I’ve just had two really vivid dreams about us making music together. I think we’re supposed to collaborate on something here pretty soon. Call me.”

We got on a phone call and caught up. I shared my dream with Bob and then he shared his heart with me. Our collaboration was Katie.

Bob had already curated all of the music together. He felt like he was hitting  a creative wall – and if you know Bob, he’s always got a variety of projects going on at once – so the help came at a good time. He kindly asked me if I would mix the project for him. I humbly accepted, and got to work.

A beautiful album, simple and organic – my personal favorite style of Bob Rabbits. Original instrumentation and lyrics from the heart.

Take a listen and enjoy.

Also, please be sure to check his website out at https://www.bobrabbit.com/ to support the mission of the Bob Rabbit Project, a non-profit organization founded in 2016 working to provide the creative and business-minded individuals of this world with quality computers.



B Rabb!! WHAT’S UP!!!!


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